September 13, 2017

About Fairway


The hallmark of a master golfer is the ability to move down the fairway with consistency time after time. While he may not be flashy, each stroke gets him reliably closer to the goal. Our goal is to provide investors a similarly steady
return from investments, with low volatility, outside of the traditional equity markets.



Fairway Asset Management, LLC was established in 2010 to develop alternative investments for private clients of a large Austin-based wealth advisory firm. Fairway's mandate has lead it to develop unique investment solutions crafted to help RIAs, family offices, and private clients achieve their income and capital preservation goals. During 2016 Fairway transitioned to an independent firm in order to better service and support its clients.



Trust. Confidence. Dependability. These are the hallmarks of any successful partnership. We at Fairway take a long term view with our investments, and an even longer view in our relationships with our partners. Private investing requires a high degree of research, ongoing monitoring, and diligence. Our many years of experience and continual improvement work for the benefit of our clients. We can pave the way into alternatives for our partners and guide them along the journey.